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Still living out of my suitcase.

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My webcomic is now live! Finished up 6 pages for today. Please read it, feel free to send feedback, and if you feel like it, send it around. I’ll be updating it page by page on Fridays from now on- hopefully even through school. Thanks for all your support, please enjoy it! 

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I’ve done some really intense, in-depth research about why I can’t sleep and I think I’ve figured out why


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AUTOMATA trailer now online.

It looks like a more dramatic version of iRobot, minus the fresh prince. I’m curious about this film. I liked iRobot but I felt that Will Smith did his usual thing where he has to play a super dad for his kids.

AUTOMATA on the other hand looks more gritty and dark and perhaps even a bit indy since the visual effects don’t look that expensive.

This seems like what would happen if Blomkamp did a mash-up of I, Robot and Bladerunner. And that’s exactly what I needed in life, and never knew it.

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From Elon James White Tuesday night.

This better have hundreds of thousands of notes at the end of the day or else



STARLORD Guardians of the Galaxy Mondo Poster
Variant Edition of 150- 24x36”
Art by Francesco Francavilla

Sharing my newest Mondo poster that was released at SDCC this week. I was happy to find out the 150 copies went sold out even before I got to the Mondo booth and started signing. Thank you so much to everyone for picking it up - Print is GORGEOUS upclose :)



Syd Mead concept art for the Sulaco from Aliens, pt 1: hulls

sourced from Alien Anthology blu-ray set

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so i’ve been told in not so many words that i’m not especially welcome to stay at the apartment i’m living in after august ends 


attention followers in the seattle area, i’m a twenty one year old unemployed transwoman/college dropout with anxiety and depression and i’ll need a place to stay after august 31st

i’ve been with the people i’ve been staying with since last august, trying to get up on my feet

i ran away from home in michigan because my dad refused to acknowledge i was transgender or let me see a psychologist 

the job market is awful and i need money bad, i won’t be able to see a counselor again til september

i’ve had two jobs since i moved, and it wasn’t my fault that i didn’t get to keep them (holiday retail and activism jobs)

i’m looking for work but i can’t find anything, and the prospect of being kicked out is horrifying

i’d prefer to stay with people i know  but it’s getting increasingly bleak

help please

reblogging to keep in circulation

i am in constant pain all the time, and i’m still unemployed

i’ve found writing work but it isn’t paid

i have eleven days to find a new place to stay

please help me, please circulate this post

i only have a few hundred dollars and an EBT SNAP card for food stamps when it comes to resources, along with my various belongings

i’d prefer to couch surf with a queer/femme group just because that’d make me feel more comfortable but you know, i need somewhere to stay

send me an ask if you can help, i need assistance bad

If anyone can help.

I don’t signal boost very often, but Rachel’s a pretty solid friend. Help a lady out if you can.

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This is Ani, the same girl from here. 

Slowly.. very slowly, but surely, I’m putting something together.

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