Syd Mead concept art for the Sulaco from Aliens, pt 1: hulls

sourced from Alien Anthology blu-ray set

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so i’ve been told in not so many words that i’m not especially welcome to stay at the apartment i’m living in after august ends 


attention followers in the seattle area, i’m a twenty one year old unemployed transwoman/college dropout with anxiety and depression and i’ll need a place to stay after august 31st

i’ve been with the people i’ve been staying with since last august, trying to get up on my feet

i ran away from home in michigan because my dad refused to acknowledge i was transgender or let me see a psychologist 

the job market is awful and i need money bad, i won’t be able to see a counselor again til september

i’ve had two jobs since i moved, and it wasn’t my fault that i didn’t get to keep them (holiday retail and activism jobs)

i’m looking for work but i can’t find anything, and the prospect of being kicked out is horrifying

i’d prefer to stay with people i know  but it’s getting increasingly bleak

help please

reblogging to keep in circulation

i am in constant pain all the time, and i’m still unemployed

i’ve found writing work but it isn’t paid

i have eleven days to find a new place to stay

please help me, please circulate this post

i only have a few hundred dollars and an EBT SNAP card for food stamps when it comes to resources, along with my various belongings

i’d prefer to couch surf with a queer/femme group just because that’d make me feel more comfortable but you know, i need somewhere to stay

send me an ask if you can help, i need assistance bad

If anyone can help.

I don’t signal boost very often, but Rachel’s a pretty solid friend. Help a lady out if you can.

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This is Ani, the same girl from here. 

Slowly.. very slowly, but surely, I’m putting something together.



Alex Minsky, Model Veteran

“I’ve named my prosthetic leg Clark. He has a personality. He has his own mind at times. I named him right after I got out of a coma. I was coming back to life and was kind of foggy and a little brain-dead. My mom was talking to me like a 5-year-old — because I was acting like one — and asked me, ‘What are you going to name it?’ I just looked at her, stone-faced, and I said, ‘Clark. I want to name it Clark.’ It stuck.”


This man is just so fucking adorable.


hey heres a cool bug


its called the spiny flower mantis - a variety of flower mantis that lives in sub-saharan africa, and grows up around 4-5 inches in length

like most mantids they go through several stages, changing their appearance gradually with each molt - from the black bodies of the newly hatched, to the thorny raised abdomen of the nymph below


until finally arriving at adulthood, where the both the females (which are slightly larger) and males feed off of moths and other insects that cant distinguish them from the flowers and foliage they live near and get their name from


but the real thing i wanna mention is their defense mechanism - when these insects are startled, they flare up their absolutely gorgeous wingspots in an attempt to scare off whatever dumb thing tried to eat this cactus bugimage

apparently the reaction depends on the temperment of the individual insect - breeders have reported that some of them are pretty calm, but others flash the spots at every little motion that freaks em out. i probably would too if i had giant eyes painted on my back and everything was a thousand goddamn times larger than i was


just a pretty damn cool bug overall 

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Cybernetic Conversation Series


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robosexual - because there's something about a mechanical lover. 

01. superconductor - beautiful small machines 02. automatic - the pointer sisters 03. stronger - sigma 04. supersonic - she 05. in tokyo - studio killers 06. dirty robot (tofu 1.5 remix) - arling and cameron 07. electric feel - mgmt 08. superhuman touch - athlete 09. 22h39 - danger 10. robot - t.a.t.u. 11. accelerator (ft. jaded little pill) - hybrid 12. robotron 2000 - freezepop 13. electric girl - she 14. too long / steam machine - daft punk 15. robosexual - savant

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for eightfold

Suuuuuper good

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